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Plant Hire

Our website is under construction. Until it is launched, please see a list of plant available for hire below.


  • 1.5T Excavators
  • 3.5T Excavators
  • 5T Excavators
  • 5.5T Excavators
  • 7T Excavators
  • 12T Excavators
  • 13T Excavators
  • 20T Excavators
  • 21T Excavators
  • 30T Excavators
  • 30T Long Reach Excavators
  • 50T Excavators


Specialised Attachments Available

    • Demolition Equipment to suit all sizes of Excavators– Pulverisers, Shears, Rock hammers, Crusher Buckets, Screening and Flip Screen Buckets.
    • General attachments to suit all sizes of excavators – Rippers, Grabs, Tilt Buckets, Sieve Buckets, Pineapple Head Surface Profilers, Rock saws, Compaction Plates and Wheels, Ploughing and Trenching Attachments, Assorted Buckets all sizes c/w tips to suit specific works
    • Drilling, Boring and General Attachments to suit all types of excavators – Augers (all sizes available) and Extensions, Fork Attachments and Underground Boring rigs
    • Rail Specific Attachments to suit all Excavators – Ballast Tampers, Rail Tongs and Flyjibs



      • Caterpillar Backhoes Ext 4WD C/W
      • Caterpillar Backhoes Ext 4WD
      • Caterpillar Backhoes Ext 4WD



  • 12′ John Deere Motor Graders
  • 12′ Volvo G930 Graders
  • 14′  Caterpillar 140M Graders


Dump Trucks

  • 3.5T Articulated Balloon Tyred Dumpers
  • 6T Dump Trucks
  • 10T Dump Trucks
  • 14T Dump Trucks
  • 25T Dump Trucks
  • 27T Dump Trucks


Trenchers and Rock Saws

  • Ditchwitch Trenchers
  • Ditchwitch Rock Saws
  • Vermeer Trenchers
  • Vermeer Rock Saws
  • Tesmec Trencher TRS900 Trenchless Equipment
  • Ditch Witch Directional Drilling Rigs JT3020
  • Ditch Witch Vacuum Rigs
  • Ditch Witch Hydro Excavators


Compaction Equipment

  • Trench Rollers
  • Flat Drum Rollers
  • Pad Foot Rollers
  • Sheepfoot Rollers


Other Equipment

  • Quad Axle Deck Widening Floats
  • Tilt Trays
  • Hook Lift Skip Trucks
  • Mobile and Stationery Water Carts 1,000ltrs to 20,000 litres
  • Super Dog, Pig and Tag along trailers
  • Flowcon and small tipper 2ton to 8ton combination units


Trenchers, Rail Works, Fleet Support

Brefni is a market leader in providing trenching machines to the Australian construction sector.Our range of trenchers include walk behind, tracked and rubber tyres machines capable of digging trenches from 150mm wide to 1.2m wide at varying depths.


We also operate a fleet of trenchless equipment including vacuum excavators and HDD drill units.


Talk to us about hiring from our range of Hi Rail tipper equipment from our Rail Works department.


This range includes single and dual cab tipper trucks from 2T to 8T; rail specific excavators from 3.5T to 20T and articulated dump trucks from 2T to 25T on standard and balloon tyres.


Our Fleet Support equipment includes a modern vehicle fleet comprising prime movers and floats with deck widening capability; bogies and tipper trailers; tilt tray and Hiab trucks.


We also have a variety of towable and static fuel and water carts and road legal trailers suitable for all types of terrain.

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    Unit 5, 11 McPherson Rd,
    Smeaton Grange, NSW 2567
  • T +61 2 4677 3456
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