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Brefni has been servicing the demolition industry in the Greater Sydney region since the early 1990s.
An Unrestricted Demolition Licenses allows Brefni to demolish buildings and structures of any scale or complexity. Throughout all of our demolition projects, safety is paramount and continues to be at the forefront of all Brefni employees


Why Use Brefni For Demolition?

Brefni provides a full demolition service including obtaining demolition approval from all relevant councils, liaising with government departments, asbestos reporting and monitoring.

We have over 25 years of experience in demolition. Our highly skilled staff have worked on many types of demolition projects, ranging from large steel reinforced concrete structures to high-rise complex buildings. These include multi storey high rise office buildings and apartment blocks, factories, warehousing, hospitals, shopping centres and other commercial facilities. The professional and innovative approach we take when providing demolition services ensure projects are completed on time and on budget without compromising safety.