Woy Woy Embankment and Retaining Wall Works 2017-09-24T23:57:53+00:00

Project Description

Woy Woy Embankment and Retaining Wall Works

Client: Sydney Trains
Value: $1.5M
Location: Woy Woy Road  Woy Woy
Duration: 4 Months
Commencement: July 2016
Embankment rectification and retaining wall constructed to rectify potential instability of rail line earth batter at Woy Woy.

Scope of works:
This project is intended to provide an extended 4.25m wide shoulder width adjacent to the track by progressively widening the base of the embankment and decrease the existing embankment gradient providing greater stability and protection of the rail.
• Site clearing of vegetation
• Stepped excavation of the existing embankment
• Installation of geotextile fabric layer
• Placement and compaction of ballast material to increase embankment stability
• Construction of a Massbloc retaining wall
• Disposal of waste materials