Waterfall Culvert Upgrade – Illawarra Railway Line 2017-09-24T23:56:24+00:00

Project Description

Waterfall Culvert Upgrade – Illawarra Railway Line

Client: Sydney Trains
Value: $2.5M
Location: 40.400km to 40.800km Illawarra Railway Line
Duration: 9 Months
Commencement: February 2016

The current storm water drainage system was inadequate and a track drainage upgrade was required. This comprised of the replacement of an existing culvert and upgrade of the current drainage channels within the area.

The main difficulties associated with the works were:

  • Working within a National Park
  • Working at the base of steep embankments
  • Working at either side and under live rail.

Scope of works:

  • Tree Clearing to Upside and Downside at Inlet and Outlet sides respectively.
  • Mobilisation on the downside including the winching of a 5t excavator down a 15-meter embankment at 45 degrees.
  • Installation of an 8-meter-long x 4-meter-wide x 5-meter-deep shoring system on the up side to accommodate the Underboring rig.
  • Installation of the Underboring rig.
  • Excavate and jack a 2.1m internal diameter concrete pipe from the upside to the downside (45 meters).
  • Removal of the Underboring rig using a winch
  • Construction of the outlet headwall with dissipation structure.
  • Construction of the inlet headwall and gabion basket surround.
  • Construction of a V-Drain and U Channel on the upside to direct the water to the inlet structure.
  • Installation of a stairs access to the outlet headwall on the downside.
  • Removal of the 5t excavator using a winch
  • General landscaping to disturbed areas.