Sydney Light Rail Project – Darley Intersection Roadworks 2017-09-24T23:58:18+00:00

Project Description

Sydney Light Rail – Darley Rd Intersection

Client: Acciona Infrastructure Australia Pty Ltd
Value: $2.75M
Location: Alison Road and Darley Road Intersection Randwick
Duration: 3 Months
Commencement: February 2017
Reconstruction of the Alison Road and Darley Road intersection to flatten the profile of the existing road accommodating the Light Rail Track through the intersection.

Scope of works:
A staged process to enable the intersection to be fully operational during the hours 5am to 9pm.
• Demolition and Reconstruction of kerb and gutter to new levels
• Construction of new pedestrian footpaths
• Capping of redundant stormwater drainage
• Installation of new stormwater pits and lines
• Construction of new full depth pavement
• Placement of correctional courses of AC
• Placement of wearing course