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Project Description

P3 Car Park – Permanent Refurbishment to Ground Floor

Client: Sydney Olympic Park Authority
Value: $6M
Location: Car Park 3, Sarah Durack Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park
Duration: 6 Months
Commencement: August, 2016
This $6 million-dollar project was executed in an environmentally sensitive area with continuous interaction with the working public and the personnel attending various events in Sydney Olympic Park area. This project was successfully completed with more than 4 thousand man hours within a period of 6 months.
The work included the removal of the existing asphalt pavement on the ground floor parking level and upgraded to incorporate enhanced Gas Mitigation measures for the collection and dispersal of gases arising from the car park substrate. Placement of a new concrete slab (of varying thickness) to the whole area of the ground floor car park (over 12,000m²).
This work was carried out with:
• Height limitation.
• Methane gas monitoring.
• Working around existing live services.

Scope of works:
The work consists of:
• removal and disposal of the existing car park asphalt surfacing
• removal and disposal of the existing concrete footings.
• Installation of retaining walls and pile-caps.
• Trim the existing fill surface to the formation level for each pavement type and install the geotextile layer.
• Installation of 150mm thick gas permeable gravel layer.
• Excavation of Trenches for Installation of beams, gas pipework, and surface water reticulation.
• Installation of Surface Water drainage reticulation
• Installation of gas collection reticulation including the installation of 140mm perforated collection lines that are connected to the previously installed connections through beams etc, and carried to the exterior of the building for continuation above ground (gas Risers). Above ground pipework is secured to the external fabric of the building to finish at 2.5m height above the upper storey car parking level.
• Installation of concrete slabs “Fortecon” polythene sheet.
• Steel fixing of over 340 ton of steel.
• Concrete placement for over 3200m3 of a low shrinkage special mix concrete. With Over 12,000m2 of concrete finished area.
• Major concrete and asphalt ramps rectification work.
• Fencing, Handrail and line-marking