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As an infrastructure specialist, Brefni is able to respond to the challenges of any project while making sure we provide our clients with a consistent high quality service.

Our self-delivery model gives our clients the assurance that we can provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective service. We make significant investments in our plant and our people, so that we can offer a highly-skilled, experienced workforce who use modern and well-maintained equipment. This means we effectively offer a ‘one stop shop’ service for clients on their most complex of projects.

We actively encourage our employees to share their ideas wherever they can, whether they work on site or in an office. These ideas have been put to good use on our projects, helping us to make Brefni safer and more efficient. Our ability to deliver projects in this way helps us build and maintain strong relationships with our clients. We work hard to develop excellent personal relationships, listening to and understanding our clients’ requirements.


Right at the very core of our business is a non-adversarial approach along with a philosophy of respect for people. We are committed to the constant development of all our staff in all areas of work in order for them to maximise their potential. This has enabled us to build regional stability and capability in our workforce, including experienced professionals, individuals and teams. We are conscious that the most valuable resource we have is the strength, integrity and professionalism of the people who we employ and those who select to join our business. Our goal is to be the best employer of choice. Our culture, market profile and reputation position us well to attract and retain the best staff.


Brefni is dedicated to adding value to our Clients. We seek to foster long term relationships with our clients by consistently meeting or exceeding expectations. Every member of our team working with our Clients work to understand their aspirations and targets to ensure that we provide a quality service. We have a “can do” philosophy and use innovation to help clients manage challenges and risk for our mutual benefit.